Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You're fat, and it's not genetics or a thyroid problem.

I saw the movie "Hairspray" recently, and it brought something to mind. My girlfriend said at the beginning, "Fat women love this movie." I told her I was just thinking that that must be true.

Beyond the movie itself, which was good (and I hate most musicals), the story about the fat girl was silly and personally a bit offensive. In the movie, she sang and argued against her being discriminated against for being fat. This is fine, as most fat people complain when people tell them they are fat. The problem that elevated this to the level of offensiveness was when she compares her being fat with causing her to struggle just as much as those that were African American during the Sixties. I am personally Caucasian, but it was still a bit off-putting. If I were African American I would have been outraged.

I am so sick of hearing fat people fighting for their "rights." It is rediculous for you to compare your "struggle" to that of people who were made slaves for centuries, or those born homosexual and have to struggle with that, or those born with mental and/or physical handicaps.

You are fat, and it's your fault. It's no one else's. What would you think if I smoked, and no one wanted to kiss me, and then I gathered similar people and marched and demanded that people be forced to kiss me? Personally, I would rather kiss a smoker than sit next to a fat person in their one-seat airplane ticket with their sweaty f*cking arms rolling over into my chair, with their smelly fat smell oozing into my nose while I try to eat.

Now I'm not saying I'm the thinnest person around, but if I were fat, I wouldn't be fighting for my rights as a fat person. I'd get on a freakin' treadmill.

You are fat, and you should have to buy two plane tickets.

You are fat, and you should have to buy two movie seats.

You are fat, and it's not your thyroid. The people I've known (two of them) that have a thyroid problem eat horribly, and are therefore fat. I guarantee you there are no Ethiopians with a thyroid problem that causes them to be fat. Sure, you may have to work harder to be thin, but you have no right to claim you have a disability on the level of Parkinson's Disease, as an example, because you are too lazy to work out a bit more than most people or watch what you eat better.

You are fat, and it's not your genetics. Sure, some families, such as mine, have a propensity for larger bodies. The women in my family have larger hips and thighs, but this does not mean they have a disability. If they wanted to be thinner, they could stop eating so many carbohydrates and heavy meat-based dishes. If genetics makes you fat, why are Europeans so thin compared to us? It's not because of genetics, it is because of culture and diet. That's it, and nothing more.

So stop complaining that you are being persecuted because you are fat. You are fat because you are lazy. It might be 3% genetics, and 5% your thyroid, but you are responsible for the other 92% of your fat, disgusting body.

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Christina said...

This is so so so true! The one person I know who is HUGE and blames their throid eats BAD and eats A LOT! I don't get it. I ain't skinny but c'mon!

And I just looked at my phone and realized you just called! WEIRD!

ramatheson said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's sad. I also read that when someone has a true thyroid problem that is bad enough to cause a person to be fat, it also causes a slight dimorphism in their body shape, causing it to be a sort of pear shape, with extremely wide hips and thin shoulders. I knew one person like this. Thyroid problems, while they can be common, they cause tiredness and laziness, but it is only in extreme cases that it actually causes you to get fat.

Thanks for the comment.

Tonya said...

Did you watch the new version with John Travolta, or the first movie version with Ricki Lake? Just curious, as I haven't seen the new one yet, but absolutely adore the first one.
And I'm not fat.
but I probably will be one day.
And then I will complain.
Because I can.
Just teasing.
Great rant! :)

ramatheson said...

Yes, the new one.