Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank (Insert Important spiritual figure here) for Illegal Aliens

The subject of illegal aliens is quite a touchy one, especially here in my home state of Arizona. The only reason for this blog is that I'd like to make a few points about my opinions on the matter.

First, there is the old point that everyone's heard before. That is that these people who come here to our country take away jobs from Americans. That tends to be the argument of those on the political right. Those on the left counter that these jobs being taken are jobs that no American wants anyways: landscaping, trash disposal, street cleaning, car washing, etc.

My personal opinion on this point is that, while the Left's opinions sound nice at first, I don't think it really holds water. When I think of the trash man in my neighborhood, I picture the two guys that come around in the truck. One is Hispanic, but the other is Caucasian. Whenever I see landscaping crews, sure, there are a number of Hispanics in the group, but I see just about as many white people. I must admit, at the car wash, there is not one single white person working out on the wash-line. Every single one of them is Hispanic.

I think it's ironic that those that complain about the illegal aliens the most (the right wingers and rich) are usually those caught using their help.

Secondly, there is the whole issue about the wall being built between our countries. It's actually more of a fence, if you've seen it. This idea is completely rediculous. These people are so determined to get here that a small fence isn't going to deter them.

Lastly, I'd like to point out the thing that many never consider. These people struggle and work their asses off, and as a result, our country is made better. Our landscapes being cleaned, our cars getting washed, and businesses finding cheap labor are all good things for the standard of living in our country, despite whether or not it is exactly ethical. In addition, what people never consider is that these people work so hard and do so with fake social security numbers. These people will never see a retirement plan or social security check in their lives, all the while having taxes taken out of their checks each month.

Have you ever thought of that? They must have a social security number to work, and therefore will be paying taxes, yet they will never receive the benefits we receive through paying our taxes: the right to vote, the right to police protection (without fear of being discovered), social security, etc.

While I am not sure as to exactly how I feel on the issues, I do admire these people for their tenacity and sacrifice. Through this sacrifice, our country sees benefits (their tax dollars and work) that we should be grateful for, so I say, "Thank (Insert important spiritual figure here) for Illegal Aliens."

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