Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Film is Not Yet Rated

I just watched the movie, "This Film is Not Yet Rated." In the film, Private Investigators are hired to investigate the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). It turns out, this is one of the most secretive, corrupt organizations in the country. There ratings are entirely arbitrary, and the member names are kept entirely secret, among other things.

One scary fact from the movie is that the oganization employs not one, but two religious leaders to oversee their proceedings! Did you know that when a movie is rated, there is ALWAYS an episcopalian and catholic priest in the room, watching the movies and offering their opinions on how the movies are rated? I couldn't believe it. This makes clear why any movie is rated NC-17 if there is anything homosexual in it, while straight sex is simply an R in most cases. For instance, the movie "Boys Don't Cry" had its female-on-female sex scene shortened to avoid an NC-17 rating, while the board had no problems with the very graphic and obscene shot-in-the-face that kills the lead character, who is a homosexual.

It's a very disturbing look at one of the most powerful organizations in the American film industry, and I suggest you watch it before you put any stock in those little letters telling you how "good" or "bad" the films you watch are.

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SUWS Instructors said...

THis was a great movie. I suggest you watch Food, Inc. for another great documentary on how we do not control our own lives.