Monday, July 30, 2007

The Word Fuck

What a great word. It's an adjective, a verb, and a noun. You can even make a sentence using almost nothing but this chameleon of a word. "Hey fuck, fucking fuck the fuck off you fucking fucker!" I'm sure you've all heard this or discussed it before, but it was just brought to my attention again after watching the movie "F*CK" which was made around 2003 or so. It's basically an hour and a half discussion about the word.

For instance, I'm sure you've all heard the stories about where the word comes from. What does the word FUCK mean? Where does it come from? Think of the stories you've heard about its origins. Do you want to know where it really comes from? The answer is that nobody knows. The origins of the word are lost, and all linguists know is that it had its origins a few hundred years ago. The best they can guess is that it is a word of Germanic origination that probably meant something like skewer or stab, and from there it went on to mean to have sex with (the metaphor is so plain, I'm not going to explain it).

Drew Carey made the point that he worries much more about someone who uses words like "fudge" or "darnit" when they should use the word fuck. I mean, really, what are these people hiding?

So I just thought I'd bring the word fuck into your day, and tell you all about this documentary. I hope you enjoyed the entry.

Not that I give a fuck, really, so fuck it.

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Tonya said...


You made me laugh.

Thanks! :)