Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just Imagine This Happened to You...


It is a nice day and you are at home relaxing. The doorbell rings, and you answer it. A cop is there, and demands you identify yourself. You tell him you don't have to, so you shut the door, as he is getting aggressive with his voice. Suddenly, he tries to kick the door in but can't so he smashes your front window, cuts his hand while trying to unlock your deadbolt, gets in and chases you down through your house, puts you in a choke-hold, and when your partner tries to call 911 the officer threatens to pepper spray them. The cop pulls out his billy club, so you run out of your house only to find nine police cars had shown up.

Neighbors are not told what is going on but told to go home. The cops then pull out tasers and threaten to taser you, so you surrender. You are handcuffed, and charged with "assaulting a government officer" because the cop cut his hand trying to break into your home. The cop says that your partner hit him while she was on the phone, but there is a recording of the call and it is obvious this didn't happen.

What did you do to deserve this? You flew a flag upside down outside, and pissed off a National Guard Staff Sergeant who happened to have an underling in the local police force. The SSgt ordered the police subordinate to "deal with (them)."

Here is the full story. Read it, and call the number at the bottom. Demand that the charges be dropped and that an apology be given.

Sheriff Van Duncan's Office: 828-250-4503

On a side-note, today is my last class ever. I'm writing this in the class, which, like all my other classes, is a joke. I never really pay attention. I spend most classes doing homework, writing, and browsing the internet. In the two years I've been at Arizona State University West, I've got all A's and B's, with only one C. My GPA is 3.6 or so. I'm not a genius...I just think most people are more stupider than I are.

I have another class that runs through the end of this week, but it is online. Right now is my last face-to-face class because in the Autumn I am doing my student teaching, and there are no classes during that last semester. I'll be teaching 730am to 3pm Mon-Fri for free. After that, on December 14th, I graduate. After a year of teaching, I'll be getting my Master's online, and then moving to teach at a college instead of the public school. Well, probably...we'll see how it goes teaching in our horrible public school system. It's funny, because if I may say so myself, I will be a better than average teacher; however, because of this I don't want to get stifled in the horrible right-winged public education system. The worse the system gets, the less good teachers want to teach in it. In other words, the worse it gets, the worse it gets. Make sense?

Anyways, bye bye school. Call that sheriff!

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Tonya said...

"...I just think most people are more stupider than I are."

Do you mean "stupider than I am?"

LMAO! Just teasing ya, R! :)~

And, not sure if you know this, but I taught seventh grade science for a year. Totally loved my kids, but DESPISED the system. There was so much shit wrong with administration and the way kids were (and are) handled, that I couldn't out up with it. That was the hardest job I ever had and at the time I couldn't hang.
Maybe one day I will go back now that I am more cofident to stand up for what I believe in.
I think you'll make an awesome teacher.

ramatheson said...

Yes, yes. It was an intentional mistake :)