Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am so tired of not learning anything in my University classes

I spent a year at a Glendale Community College, and the caliber of teachers was much higher than it is here at Arizona State University. I have no idea why the teachers were better there. Perhaps it is because these ones have a sort of hubris due to PhDs and having a "I'm a University Professor" attitude?

For example, today in class we talked about:

- collapsible runways that can save lives in plane crashes
- how English is the major language of the world
- how to use google documents
- whether or not independents can vote in the primary elections
- what country the teacher is from and how she doesn't want to get full citizenship

What is the class about? How to write persuasively. Now, it's not as if I am just starting college and not understanding that some professors use unrelated subjects to get at the main point. I am a senior who will graduate with my B.A. in December. I understand that, but after 3 weeks of a 5 week class, I am well aware that this instructor is not using this method. It has been this way with every instructor here; we ramble and discuss and debate various things for the class period, all of which are unrelated to the thing I am paying $1,200 to learn about.

I learned far more at GCC. Here at ASU, at one of the most accredited teacher-prep programs in the nation, I spend 75% of my class time on my laptop playing games and blogging.

Another thing is how scary it is that most of these people in my classes will be teachers soon. I mean, really. They are so uneducated and unintelligent. Classes drag on for so long and go into so many unrelated topics because of people asking these off-the-wall questions. Right now, as we speak, I am half-listening to someone talk about how to use "sophisticated" words such as "binary" in everyday conversation. Wait, no, now they're talking about doing crossword puzzles in the New York Times. Oh wait, no, they're talking about yahoo games and how it helps you solve the puzzles with hints.


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