Friday, July 20, 2007

America, FUCK YEAH!

I saw the movie SICKO a couple weeks ago. It was great, and basically just more information that I already knew. It was just driven in more by the movie. I've said since about 2005 that I've wanted to move to Canada (specifically, Vancouver) when I graduated from college in 2007 or a while after establishing my career as a teacher say in 2009 or 2010. Now, it's about time to graduate, but moving is not legally possible for me. I got seperated in 2005 and the divorce was finalized in 2006. I have fifty percent custody now, and would not leave my son for anything. So now my plans are on hold until he's at least eighteen.

I really am so sick of this country. I'm so sick of hearing people saying that we are the best country in the world. What is the criteria?

Health care? The U.S. (I refuse to say "we") is #37. (source)

Education? I can't find the specific stats but we are like 33% lower than the mean of developed countries. I think we are like #52 in the world or something. The best source I could find in a quick google search was wikipedia which I know isn't the best "academic" source.

Beyond those, people will say that we offer democracy and freedoms on an unprecedented scale. Well, unprecedented is probably a word beyond the capacity of most people that still consider this country a great place. Well, for one, I know for a fact that England, Canada, and France offer just as much, if not more, freedom for individuals than the U.S. does. And what about The Netherlands? This country offers as much freedom as America, plus the ability to decide what one does with one's own consciousness. What a concept!

We could say that just about every other developed country in the world offers more opportunities than the U.S. because they offer more chances to learn and be healthy, two key stipulations in pursuing happiness, life, and liberty.

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