Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Right vs. Left...and the Winner is?

Well I stumbled, this morning, upon a certain right-wing blog and it got me thinking. The side panels of this blog were all plastered with the typical hateful and arrogant banners you see on such sites; "Democrats Suck", and the one with the soldier holding a cup of coffee saying, "How about rooting for America for a change, you liberal scumbag." These are typical of most conservative sites these days, at least in my experience. It's funny how the left gives the impression, at least on the surface, of being about human rights and equality, while the right seems to be about extreme nationalism. I am well aware that these stereotypical qualities may just be the visible beliefs of each side, as it is more common for someone with an extreme belief to go out and tell it to the world than it is for someone with a less extreme philosophy. However, these are the qualities most seen, and therefore do tend to influence those of a more moderate slant within each side to a more extreme bent. On a quick side-note, I couldn't help but notice the picture above, seen on said blog. The similarities to other non-too distant seals in our world's past, from around, oh, say the 1930's in a certain country who's name begins with a "G", were unavoidable to me. On one side you have a group of politicians fighting for human equality, fair government, and assistance for the less fortunate among us. On the other, you have a group of politicians using seals like the one above. It basically boils down to something I heard on a message board the other day. That is, "Conservatives tell you to shut up and defend your country, while liberals tell you to speak up and defend your country." What a great sentiment I think, upon first reading this. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, it is not so simple.

Now first, let me say that I am affiliated with nothing. I am neither a Christian, nor an atheist. I am not a republican, democrat, libertarian, or any other such nonsense. I am who I am from day to day, and this is me today. To quote Emerson, "If I know your sect, I anticipate your argument." I prefer to remain my own individual from day to day; all the better to win debates with those who think they know me. Some may say, "If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything." I would like to think it more honest and truthful to say, "If you stand for anything, you've already fallen for something."

With that said, I wonder about my reaction to the saying above. Is it so true? Well yes, I think it is. However, which is more insidious? I feel as if all government would like us to shut up. At least the right is brutally honest, while the left, which is still the government, pretends that they want everyone to be free. Well, if they want us to be free, then they would abolish government as soon as they take power. A man who becomes a politician, and gains a measure of power, quickly becomes so consumed with pleasing his constituencies that he cannot take action. He is held is the paralytic grasp of meeting the wants and desires of a thousand different petitioners. This causes him to desperately grasp for more power; the power not only to meet his petitioners needs, but also to fulfill his personal desires. As the power grows, so does his disinterest in the petitioners. Ironically, this eventually this leads to the taking away of liberties from his constituencies. This change happens much lower along the climb up the ladder of power than most would think, I'd imagine. Anyone that would do good would do good, with or without the title of president, wouldn't they? What political office did Gandhi hold? Martin Luther King Jr.? I could be wrong, but I don't think they held any of any import. Perhaps the most influential person in American history, Benjamin Franklin, held few political positions. His impact on our nation is possibly greater than any other American, and the highest appointment he ever held was as the head of the Albany Congress. A man who would do good, will do good, in spite of his political standings.

So we have the right, with its brutal honesty, and the left with it's idealism shadowing the true intents. I'm sure for most on the left, they are even unaware of the true intents...even so far as up to the top of the Democratic Party. I would say, "Speak up", and leave it at that. Why defend your country? Why is it my country? It is not that at all. It is its own land, for itself and no one else. It is unowned by anyone. I should feel no more allegiance to this piece of land surrounded by the imaginary lines of men, simply because my parents had sex and birthed me here, than I should have to the sheets (or couch, or kitchen table, for that matter) on the bed at the moment of my conception. And now, I leave you with Emerson's Hamatreya.

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