Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pick up your Banana Peels

A lot of my ideas come to me when I'm driving around in our vehicle. Today, I was driving in the right-hand lane, and for some reason I started thinking about a certain psychotic episode. What would happen, I wondered, if some such incident overwhelmed a driver, and they lost control of the vehicle? As consciousness and sanity fled, would they have time to pull the emergency brake, so as to stop the vehicle's motion? Would they be rear-ended by cars behind them, unable to stop in time? Would they perchance pull the gear-shift, hoping for the PARK position, but only be able to pull it to REVERSE before losing control of themselves, slamming the car backwards into cars to the rear?

This may all seem silly, but it is such that many of my thoughts are throughout the day. As I thought of this, however, I started wondering about insurance. Would insurance cover such an accident? When you rear-end another vehicle, from my understanding, the rear-ender is always at fault; even if a vehicle swoops in front of them and slams on the break. In the insurance industry, they even have a name for this tactic. It is called "Swoop and Stopping" if I remember correctly from my few years in that business. So would a person be at fault for rear-ending someone, even if the car in front of them suddenly slams into reverse?

As I was thinking, I began to laugh at the idea of insurance. It is good, in practice, of course; especially in our day and age where we all possess such expensive things, many of which we don't even actually posses, but are simply borrowing on credit. We say, "My insurance...", but in actuality, ninety percent of the time it is the leinholder's insurance. We pay a monthly fee to protect what is largely someone else's interest. Shouldn't the leinholder's pay the insurance, at least until it is less than half owned by them? I began to see each vehicle on the road as surrounded by an invisible bubble of insurance, and was reminded of a saying I once heard: Insurance is sort of like putting a cup over a banana peel instead of just picking it up. It doesn't solve anything, it simply helps when things go wrong. In this case, the banana peel is a car. I'm not quite sure what my point is, other than to say we should all get rid of our vehicles. This of course, in our day and age, is a ridiculous request.

Or is it?

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