Thursday, September 15, 2005

Did you know?

Did you know that Iraq’s electrical and sewage systems were largely non-operational by the summer of 2004, and now, a year later, have lost roughly another 50% of their operational capabilities?

Did you know that the government only counts American casualties that occur in Iraq? They do not count the dozens of hundreds that died en-route to Landshtul, Germany for treatment – nor do they count those that die days/weeks/months later from complications of injury.

Did you know that close to 100,000 Iraqis have died from combative violence since our invasion of said Sovereign nation?

Did you know that Halliburton has had reported record profits every year since our invasion began?

Did you know that women - whom before the invasion held a number of professional positions such as doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. – now no longer are able to hold those positions for fear of the radical Muslims that largely control Iraq? Women now have less freedom than before we invaded.

Did you know that Iraq’s constitution, which we have sacrificed close to 2,000 reported American children for, will impose and enforce the Muslim law code of Shaa? In this fundamentalist code, which was followed by Taliban Afghanistan and is followed by Iran, women must wear Burkas, cannot speak in public, cannot travel alone, and if raped, would be sentenced to death unless they can provide three direct witnesses to the crime?

I guess the whole main point is this…

Did you know that things have only gotten worse since we started, and continue to erode as time goes on, leaving us with a mounting pile composed of the corpses of American children, Iraqi children, women, and men…all to destabilize one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East, leaving it open to take-over by radical Islam in the form of a Constitution that enacts Shaa Law? We sent our sons and daughters to die to topple the Taliban, only to send more sons and daughters to die in order to prop up the same form of government in Iraq – a type of government that is unwanted by many Iraqis.

Also, just a side note….

For those that say, “We have to stay the course and fight to win so that we honor those that have died!” I say go to hell with your circular, blood thirst-fed, warmonger, brain-dead reasoning. So, you are saying, “Many have died, and so we have to let more die.” That’s ridiculous…and so I say…

Did you know that no war has ever, in written human history, been won by an organized force fighting against a guerilla army?

The point is that many have died, and so we must send more to die until the point is reached upon which we will retreat, as a guerilla army cannot be defeated; at which point, civil war will occur and Iraq will descend into even more chaos than it is in currently. The only difference is, twice the number of casualties will have been weighed down upon us. I say it will be for naught; let us leave NOW while the next of our children is yet to die…not afterwards.

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